Judy Klein – The wolves of Bays Mountain


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The Wolves of Bays Mountain

by Judy Klein

Back by popular demand! I just have a few of this very rare and difficult to obtain CD. As far as I can tell, this CD is only available brand new through WolfPhotography.com

This 21 minute audio CD is by far the best howl CD I have ever heard. Although the length is relatively short, the content and quality by far make up for the length. This is more than a mere collection of wolf vocalizations. It is a true composition telling a story using the language of wolves. The haunting piece will take you through an audio journey inside the life of the pack. Play it for your dogs and they should join in, adding their own voices to the mix!

The recordings were made in the 1990s at Bays Mountain Park, a nature preserve in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee. The wolves, Navarro, Kashtin and Djnoun, born in 1992 to Chinook and Altair, originated from Wolf Park.

This is more than just wolves howling. It is a true composition, an ambient piece created by using the Csound computer music language. All of the sounds come from recordings of the wolves. Some are unaltered, some slightly modified and some as source material in musical settings and transitions.

The piece opens quietly with sounds derived from the recording of a winter chorus howl. Over time, the voices of the wolves become distinct. Two wolves bring the howling to an end with a sequence of short, antiphonal calls. In the middle sections, the recordings are virtually unedited. It is nearly spring; the wolves are heard in their environment, first in the early morning and then in the still of the late night. The howling in the final section is again from winter, the mating season. It ends with the love song of Kashtin, the alpha female of the pack, and her majestic mate, Navarro, who died the following year and in whose memory the piece was written.


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