The Newsletter

I have a really cool feature that I’ve been doing for some years now. It’s a small newsletter. This newsletter is separate from the one done at Wolf Park, but I sometimes include information about Wolf Park which is similar, or sometimes pretty much the same, as that sent out by Denise at the Wolf Park office. However, I also include a bunch of other stuff as well – such as occassional news about wolves in the wild, and of course about specials, new items and discount codes only sent out through this newsletter!

A Brand New Desktop Background Photo with Every Newsletter!

This is a new feature. I have thousands of photos that I have set aside to ‘someday’ do something with and this project is a good incentive. Making a computer background image to go out with every newsletter helps me go through older photos, and it gives you something pretty for your computer. These photos are high resolution 1960×1200 pixel images perfect for 24″ monitors. Of course they will scale down to smaller resolution monitors and even scale up to 30″ monitor resolution. I will also set these up as New Photos on the website so prints can be purchased.

Will Subscribing to the Mailing List Result in Unwanted Spam?

No, our mailing list is secure and only used by us. It will never be sold to a third party.

How often are Mailings Sent from

I generally send out a mailing every week or two, but sometimes I have extra specials available and may send out several in one week. I fully understand that receiving too much mail is simply to much so I try our best to keep it to a minimum. When things at Wolf Park get busy in the summer, I may not send out anything for several weeks at a time…

I Subscribed to the Mailing List, but never received anything.

You may have a spam filter in place which is automatically blocking mail from us. This is fairly common and you will need to check your software or Internet provider for a solution.


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