Wolfpaper Screen Saver V.2

Wolfpaper Screen Saver V.2
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    Wolfpaper Screen Saver CD Vol. 2

    Back in 1996 when I purchased my first scanner, I started making my own Windows Wallpaper from my wolf photographs. I called this wolf wallpaper "Wolfpaper" and it quickly became quite popular among the Wolf Park staff. Soon I had requests to e-mail out new Wolfpapers to an ever growing list of folks. The result over the years were a couple of CDs and even a website, www.wolfpaper.pl where to this day I send out the occasional image.

    This CD contains a total of 9 different screen savers. Each are various variations on a theme. The default screen saver contains 210 1600x1200 pixel color images. The others are as follows:

    wolfpaper_color2.exe is another 120 color images.
    wolfpaper_colorall.exe is all 330 color images (but may only run in Windows 2000 & XP)
    wolfpaper_color1800.exe is the same images, but at a smaller 800x600 resolution which may be necessary with some graphics cards. Same is true for wolfpaper_color2800.exe and wolfpaper_colorall800.exe
    wolfpaper_bw.exe contains 156 of my black and white photos. These are not color images converted to B&W, but actual B&W images many of which I have 'sepia toned' in Photoshop.
    wolfpaper_bw800.exe is the same at 800x600 resolution.
    wolfpaper_all.exe contains all 486 images (b&w screen saver + color) at 1600x1200 resolution.
    wolfpaper_all800.exe is the same at 800x600 resolution.

    Not only do you get to see hundreds of my wolf photographs, but the screen savers also howl and growl at you!

    The screen saver CD also contains all sound and image files which you can use directly for personal wallpaper or home made screen-savers. This is also useful for Mac users since I do not have the ability to build screen savers for Macs, Mac users can use these files to build their own!

    The screen savers have been tested and will run on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 & XP. However the screen savers containing all the images are not stable on older Windows versions.