4x6 print SALE!!

4x6 print SALE!!
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    10 Photos for $1.00 each
    25 Photos for 75 cents each
    50 Photos for 50 cents each!
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    Monty's Grab Bag SALE!!!

    For a limited time, 4x6 photos for as little as 50¢ each! That's 1/6 the price of purchasing them individually.

    When making your purchase, you can let Monty choose, or you can set a few parameters such as howling, portraits, pups, etc. You can also write in specific requests, such as a particular wolf, but Monty may not be able to fill a request which is overly specific or is outside his ability to fill for lack of available images.

    Please note: These are randomly chosen or semi-randomly, even if you make a specific request. No record is kept as to which photographs are shipped. Each shipment will contain a unique set of different images, but if you make a second order in the future, and do not specify what NOT to include in the second order, you may receive a few duplicate prints.