Wolfpaper Screen Saver Volume III

Wolfpaper Screen Saver Volume III
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    Introducing Wolfpaper Volume III!

    This long awaited screensaver and photo CD is now available. Not only does it contain a really cool screensaver, one with over 1,000 1600x1200 pixel photos, but it also has all the photo and sound files in separate folders that can be used to create your very own custom screensaver!

    The screen saver software itself it pretty cool. It has an optional clock, calendar and of course various sounds of the wolves (all of which can be turned on or off). It also has support for multiple monitor setups. On my triple monitor system it looks great - each monitor has its own different rotation of various photos, and with over 1,000 to choose from, it can take quite a long time to see any photo twice!

    The screen saver works on all Windows platforms. However, with all the photos and sound files contained separatly on the CD, Wolfpaper Vol. III can be used to create screensavers for any platform.

    For those curious as to the quality of the photos used in this CD, click here to download a zip file with samples of what these photos actually look like :-)