Kailani Memorial Photo Collection

Kailani Memorial Photo Collection
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    As many of you already know, our former alpha female, Kailani, passed away in late November 2016 following complications with adrenal cortical carcinoma.

    Kailani was born to Tristan and Erin in 2004. She was one of four wolf pups that year, Kailani, Ayla, Ruedi and Renki. The four of them were absolute goofballs their first winter, but as she matured, Kailani developed a habit of biting other wolves in the rear. Her mother, Erin, took exception to this and eventually both Kailani, and her sister Ayla, were ostracized to the Peninsula in the Turtle Lake enclosure.

    When their mother and Uncle Chetan were retired to Eastlake, Kailani blossomed. Where her sister Ayla acted the victim with their younger half-brothers Wotan and Wolfgang, Kailani made a game out of their antics. It was not long before Kailani became the pack’s new dominant female whereas Ayla was ostracized right out of the pack.

    Kailani remained the dominant (and only) female of the pack until the summer of 2010 when a new female, Dharma, was introduced as a pup. Although Dharma and Kailani got along very well, Kailani showed indications that she was ready for retirement and to pass the reigns to the younger female. Kailani spent her retirement years living with her father, Tristan, then upon his death in 2013, she spent her remaining years sharing time with Renki. Kailani and Ayla had been living separate lives far too long to be reunited.

    Kailani is survived by her brother Renki and sister Ayla and half-brothers, Wotan and Wolfgang.

    To celebrate Kailani’s life, I have made a tribute collection of 227 photographs. These depict Kailani from three weeks of age until 12 years old. Many of the photos are of her and her family interacting and having fun.

    Although it is possible for me to get prints of all the photos, and the prints would not have any text on them, prints are expensive so I’m also offering the images available as digital downloads in several different sizes. Part of the proceeds from sales of the photos will go to help the wolves of Wolf Park.