Internal Hard Drive

Internal Hard Drive
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    Since Monty went Digital in 2001, hard drives which once seemed so HUGE are no longer quite so 'big'. Hard drive technology has really increased the capacity of drives over the past few years. It's hard to imagine that just over a decade ago a 100 GB drive seemed big.  Now Monty needs a 8TB to just store a single year's worth of photos!

    Monty is moving everything from his smaller drives onto larger hard drives. What this means is that there is a growing stack of perfectly good hard drives which need a home. 

    Now for the best part. Monty has decided to offer these used drives, not blank, but with ALL of the Photo of the Day archive images. There are currently over 47,000 different photos being offered on these drives!!!    Many of these have never even been posted online!

    Each photo is saved in a dated directory to the year taken back to 2001.  Photos are 1280x853 pixels.  The drive will contain ALL* photo of the day images up to the date the drive is shipped! 

    The drives are formatted NTFS and will require a little technical knowledge to install them in your computer. These are smaller miscalleneous SATA drives ranging 80+ GB in size.

    Quantities are very limited to stock on hand.

    *Some images that were taken by Jessica and others when Monty was traveling have not been found, but ALL of Monty's images will be on the CD.