Dharma & Pups Mug

Dharma & Pups Mug
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    This new mug for 2012 depicts Dharma and three of her pups wading in "Turtle Lake" - the big pond in their enclosure. Dharma & Wolfgang, the Main Pack's alpha pair had 6 pups on April 6, 2012. Three of the pups went off to other facilities (one to the Scovill Zoo in Decature, Illinois and the other two to Animal Ark in Reno, Nevada). The other three are now fully integrated members of our pack.

    Fiona is very much like Dharma both in personality and in color. She is a Dharma 'Minime' so to speak. Kanti and Bicho are in many ways different from either parent both in personality and in looks. In many ways they remind you more of their Arctic grandmother on Dharma's side of the family...

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