Yellowstone Hunt

Yellowstone Hunt
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    Photographed on March 8, 2006 in Yellowstone National Park near the Hitching Post in the Lamar Valley, the three pups, about 11 months old, chase a small heard of elk. These are the only surviving pups of 16 born in four litters to this pack. Parvo virus, most likely spread from a sick pet dog, has been killing a lot of pups in Yellowstone and the overall wolf population is on decline.

    Wild wolves can be very elusive and photographing them can be quite difficult. They are often out of sight or very far off, often miles away. To photograph them, I use a Canon 500mm f4 IS lens with two doublers giving me 2,000mm (or 40x) power. In doing so some quality is sacrificed so these images are only being offered in smaller sizes.