Howling Echo

Howling Echo
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    Photographed on March 30, 2005, and featured on Wolf Park's Photo of the Day page, Echo, Wolf Park�s newest arrival, howls on her last day at the Binghamton Zoo.

    Echo was born at Wolf Park in 1992, donated to a facility in New York, which then closed. The wolves were sent to the Binghamton Zoo, which is also in New York, but when she became the last wolf at the zoo, they wanted to find another home for her.

    Wolf Park has a policy of taking back wolves that were born here whenever possible and with an empty enclosure; we were able to take back this elderly wolf without any problems. She is very friendly toward people and seems quite happy to be living out here back home in Indiana.

    Location : Wolf Park
    Format : Digital
    Camera : Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II

    060405b gray wolf howling communication