Swan Creek Pack Howls #2

Swan Creek Pack Howls #2
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    March 8, 2004, Yellowstone National Park. It was late in the afternoon and the pack was resting after a big meal. Elk was on the menu and the wolves were bedded down. Then, one and finally all the wolves rose and howled. It was a fantastic experience. The pack was quite close, about a quarter mile away and could be easily heard across the ravine.

    The photographic opportunities here are fantastic. This is especially true in March when the wolf packs frequent the bottom of Lamar Valley. Since the breakup of the Druid Peak Pack a couple years ago into splinter groups, the number of sightings has become so frequent that it is an every day occurrence.

    However, as far as photography is concerned, the distances can be a problem. I ended up putting two doublers on my Canon 500mm f4 lens. The results are not great, somewhat soft and because such a combination saps much of the light in that my effective max aperture is f16, but these images do make satisfactory 8x10 prints or can be useful for educational purposes.

    Location : Wolf Park
    Format : Digital
    Camera : Canon EOS-1DS

    033104 wolf wolves pack distant shot snow wolves in the wild howling communication behavior