Grumpy Brothers

Grumpy Brothers
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    Notes taken from Photo of the Day, February 12, 2003:
    Toward 6pm it was obviously nice light and because Pat wants to understandably wait until Friday, my last day before heading off to California for a week or so, I decided to just head over to Eastlake to see what I could see. Kiri and Socrates put on a very good show of growl barking and gaping and so I got a few fun photos of the 'Brat Brothers' arguing with one another. These two are all show and no bite. Nearly 10 years old now (they will be 10 in April) they still have not really settled rank. Socrates backs down to Kiri, but he does not submit. The result is a lot of ugly faces and even uglier sounds, but they do not harm one another at all.

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    Location : Wolf Park
    Format : Digital
    Camera : Canon EOS-1DS

    032204 siblings white faded black gray wolf social interaction behavior aggressive interaction brothers ritualized fight jaw spar gape teeth face-off