A Gape and a Rally

A Gape and a Rally
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    This photo was featured in Photo of the Day January 16, 2003. Following is the text from that page:

    There was a little bit of snow this morning. Gale is off today, but Pat went in with me so I could try my luck with snow photos.

    Unfortunately, the snow just about ended by the time I got in with the wolves. I was at least able to get a few fun photos including this one where Marion looks like she is about to remove the top of Chetan's head. Chetan does have some bites on him, but not his head. He gets bitten on the back, just above his tail. Mostly this is Marion's doing, but sometimes Miska and even Seneca get in a bite or two. Chetan takes this all in stride and for the most part, keeps up with pack social activities.

    If you are wondering, Marion did not bite Chetan after this photo was taken. In fact, the only wolf with noticeably new bites is Seneca, who has a few marks on his muzzle and an ear. There is no telling who, but we always suspect Marion in such things. Who knows, maybe Chetan got mobbed and bit Seneca back? This Sunday we will start our 24 hour observations and such things will not go unnoticed for the next month or so.

    On a technical note, there was way too much white space in this photo so I cropped it a bit. I actually cropped it a lot. The resulting image is probably more the equivalent of a 600mm lens or more... Fortunately, there is a lot of cropping room when the original image is over 4000 pixels wide!

    Location : Wolf Park
    Format : Digital
    Camera : Canon EOS-1Ds

    032604 gray wolf wolves pack behavior interaction breeding season rally greeting social interaction snow ice