Falling Through Thin Ice

Falling Through Thin Ice
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    Photographed Christmas day, 2002 and featured on Photo of the Day.

    The pond has frozen over, the ice is very mushy. This did not stop Marion from going out on the ice. She was very cautious and careful where she stepped, but eventually she did fall through. Of course she got herself right out and then proceeded to go back to the hole she made as if to check to see what might have gone wrong.

    Marion was the only wolf to venture out on the ice, but I think she was the only one who was light enough to not fall through immediately. Marion then ran around and acted goofy. Pat thinks they might do this to help warm themselves back up. Although their winter fur is so thick they do not get wet down to the skin, and in fact, Marion only got about a third of her body wet at all, but their legs probably get a little chilled so running about is a good way to warm yourself up.

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    Location : Wolf Park
    Format : Digital
    Camera : Canon EOS-1DS

    032004 gray wolf ice behavior