Seven Wolves in the Snow

Seven Wolves in the Snow
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    Just This photo was a rare one to get. Although wolves are social animals, capturing the entire pack together when there is tension between members is not easy. The three wolves on the left are averting gaze and have their tails tucked, so has the wolf on the far right. Only the three wolves in the middle look confident and actually the alpha male even has his ears back. He is just in a friendly mood and wants to greet, but the others are afraid of the alpha female and the beta male who look like they have intent to do more than just say �hi�.

    from left to right: Miska (#3 male); Erin (#2 female); Maya (#3 female); Seneca (#1 male); Marion (#1 female); Tristan (#2 male); and Chetan (#4 male).

    Look closely and you can see a lot of body language going on in this photo.

    Unfortunately, it was not possible to get a clear shot of the wolves. There was fencing in the background. The bridge had not been put in place when this photo was taken back on February 26, 2002, so digitally removing the fence was easy.

    Location : Wolf Park
    Format : Digital
    Camera : Nikon D1x

    032204b black gray wolf wolves pack rank order social interaction behavior snow dominance submission eye contact avoidance fear hackles tail tucked head lowered ears back stare threat aggression