Two Wolves and a Mouse

Two Wolves and a Mouse
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    Every year since 1996 when I go out on my annual visit to California, I drive up over the Sierras just north of Reno, NV and visit friends at Animal Ark. This is a great facility with lots of animals including two wolves born at Wolf Park in 1995.

    Raven, the faded black wolf and his niece, Nischa, have lived there since they were pups. Raven is a litter-brother to Wolf Park�s Apollo and Nischa is a litter sister to Wolf Park�s Chetan.

    When I was visiting them on February 15, 2003, I was taking photos when one of them noticed a dead mouse in the enclosure. I am not sure what killed the mouse; perhaps it was the victim of the other pair of wolves who get to live in the big pen half the time (they have two pairs of wolves there which are not compatible). But whatever killed it, they found it and were quite interested. This lead to some really fun photos like this one where they look like they are saying "OK, what do we do with it now"? Don�t believe everything you read, wolves usually do not eat mice.

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    Location : Animal Ark
    Format : Digital
    Camera : Canon EOS 1Ds

    011504 faded black gray wolf wolves hunting small prey behavior