Miska & a Pumpkin at Sunset

Miska & a Pumpkin at Sunset
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    As part of managing and handling captive animals, behavior enrichment programs are very important to help alleviate boredom. At Wolf Park we often give the wolves interesting and unusual things to do such as pull treats out of pumpkins for Halloween. It certainly breaks up the monotony of the day to have a pumpkin to tear apart. We sometimes even put things like this up in trees!

    To get this photo Miska was busy pawing at an arboreal pumpkin. The background was quite bland, so I merged the photo with a picture I took later in the afternoon of the setting sun. I rarely manipulate my images to this extent, but when I do I always try to let people know I was having fun with PhotoShop :-)

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    Location : Wolf Park
    Format : Digital Composition
    Camera : Nikon D1x

    011504 black gray wolf investigative behavior behavioral enrichment management