2019 Wolf Park Calendar

2019 Wolf Park Calendar
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    Monty's 2019 Wolf Park CALENDAR is now available!

    Yes, my 2019 Wolf Park Calendar is finally available.  It features all the foxes, wolves and our coyote Willow.  Aspen, one of last year's pups, backed by a golden sunset, is featured on the cover and for January 2019.  February is Niko and Sparrow, while March is a goofy Khewa photo.  Joker, Wolfgang, Wotan, Hunter, Timber, Bicho, Kanti Fiona and several more of last year's yearlings are featured.  Willow and Scarlette are in there too of course, but are featured on the smaller photos.  It's always very difficult to make the choice of what photo goes where, well except for the cover.  Once I saw that photo of Aspen, I knew it had to be the calendar cover photo.

    ONLY calendars purchased through WolfPhotography.com are signed by Monty!

    Please note: Shipping outside the U.S. has become pricey. Unfortunately, it costs over $12.00 to send even one calendar overseas. I am willing to knock a couple of dollars off this amount, but I still must charge extra for shipping outside the U.S. It you are outside the U.S. please click on the check box above. Thanks

    Because this is so expensive to ship overseas, I am willing to put in an extra bonus print, a 5x7 photograph valued at $9.95 (I'll just pick out a nice one for you and even sign it!) Thank you for your understanding. - Monty