Shipping and Return Policy ships photos first class using the US postal service. Heavier items are shipped Priority mail. Unless otherwise indicated on the item's page, shipping within the U.S. is free.

Shipping outside the U.S.: Shipping fees have recently increased. Orders outside the U.S. need to click on the additional shipping fee. If the shipping totals more than $15.00, a conformation e-mail with the amount of postage needed will be sent out before the order is shipped as some heavier items such as really big prints, mugs and hard drives can be a bit expensive to ship. In some cases there is an exact shipping fee already added to an item. If the shipping fee that was charged exceeds the actual cost of shipping outside the U.S., you will be refunded the difference.

I hope to add USPS shipping options in the future, and maybe even add Fed-Ex & UPS shipping. That will help solve some of the shipping fee issues. :-)

Return Policy

We hope your prints arrive in perfect shape and undamaged. If there is a problem, please contact Monty and replacement prints will be sent as soon as the damage prints are returned.

If the prints or other merchandise is undamaged and you are simply returning something, there is a 15% restocking fee.